SEO: Increase your web site ranking within Search Engines

Search Engines account for most website traffic referrals. Centum Systems will help boost your search engine traffic.
Search Engine Optimization Our specialized SEO consultants will help you to improve your website ranking by:
  Defining a keywords strategy
  Analysing your web site traffic
  Improving links and site navigation
  Optimizing your web site for local searches
  Registering with major Search Engines
  Implementing a sitemap
  Analyzing your web site content

Our SEO services are the perfect solution for increasing or stabilizing your website organic ranking.
Services Starter Professional Advanced
Keyword analysis
Link building
Sitemap management
Global positioning
Local Search Optimization
Ranking Monitoring 3 months 6 months 12 months
SEO Consulting (total) 10 hours 20 hours 35 hours
Google Analytics Integration
Conversion Analysis  
Individual pages positioning  
Navigation Analysis    
GEO Targeting analysis    

1, 2, 3 and your site will be a hit!

1 1) Assesment:
Our consultants will evaluate your website and report the current ranking within Search Engines (where are you now)
2 2) Action Plan:
Together we will define the strategy to achieve your web site positioning goal (where do you want to be?)
3 3) Implementation:
We will work closely with your team to successfully implement the action plan (we take you there)

We will team with your webmaster to implement the changes to your web site. You can also contract our Webmaster services.
By optimizing the structure of your website and by using new sitemap technology, your site will have a better ranking within Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing and many other Search Engines.
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Your business success is our number one priority!